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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet stops gathering packages
Date:11:34:46 21/04/2007

> I've installed the latest Ubuntu distro on my new AMILO Si 1520 with a ipw3945
> driver automatically installed with the distro. I installed kismet with the
> synaptic package manager. I have changed the .conf according to various online
> tutorials and run the sudo kismet command. All works good and it detects my
> network and starts gathering packages, but after a little while (1-3min) it
> stops and it reports 0 pkts/s.

Kismet doesn't gather packages. Kismet logs packets.
Remember to stop networkmanager, and any other program/daemon that tries to control the WiFi NIC.

> I also get the error message "server is not reporting card power levels. No
> signal information is available", but this error message displays both before
> and after it stops gathering packages. I would greatly appreciate any help.
> - Buff

Compile latest Kismet-devel from sources since there was a bug in how kismet read signal information from the driver. Also, not all drivers are created equal, so check the documentation for the driver that you are using, to see if it does report card power levels. Finally bug your distro's kismet package maintainer to update to a current revision and/or to package a snapshot of the kismet-devel from SVN, whenever that changes.


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