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Posted by:buffaloboy
Subject:Kismet stops gathering packages
Date:09:38:58 21/04/2007

I've installed the latest Ubuntu distro on my new AMILO Si 1520 with a ipw3945 driver automatically installed with the distro. I installed kismet with the synaptic package manager. I have changed the .conf according to various online tutorials and run the sudo kismet command. All works good and it detects my network and starts gathering packages, but after a little while (1-3min) it stops and it reports 0 pkts/s. When I quit and restart kismet, it does the exact same thing - starts gathering packages, but stops after a while. I've installed Ubuntu several times to see if the install was the problem, but its the same. I also get the error message "server is not reporting card power levels. No signal information is available", but this error message displays both before and after it stops gathering packages. I would greatly appreciate any help.

- Buff

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