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Posted by:Sayth
Subject:Mapping Tips
Date:12:18:51 19/04/2007

> > What would be the best way to map a Canada city without GPS locater? I plan to
> > do a simple survey of open and secured in certain fixed areas. (too cheap for
> > gps) Are there any good maps to use? or mapping software? I was going to use
> > google but I can't save the maps large enough.
> Without a GPS receiver how you kismet know your location? Without knowing your location, how will you translate the logs to a map?
> You'll need a GSP receiever. I recommend something inexpensive like the Globalsat BU-353 ( It's only $65 (USD) and works well with GPSd (
> Eric Pretorious
> Sunnyvale, CA

Well that's a great recommendation but, did you read my post? "...without GPS locater" aka without the use or help of a GPS receiver or locator of any kind.

I know the address intersections, but all the maps I find are way too small. if I had a 40" screen, google maps would be perfect, but I don't have a big enough screen therefore cannot get the map big enough.

Thanks anyways

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