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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:libpcap version not supported?
Date:18:00:44 18/04/2007

> checking for pcap.h... yes
> checking for pcap_setnonblock in -lpcap... yes
> checking for pcap_get_selectable_fd in -lpcap... no
> configure: error: installed libpcap version does not support features Kismet requires. Upgrade to a current version of libpcap
> I am concerned that Kismet may simply not be finding the libcap library. I have tried installing in zillion different directories, setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, adding paths to /etc/, etc. Nothing helps. So question #1 is simply "how can I figure out where ./configure is looking for libpcap and whether its finding it or not?"

You've got ancient, broken libpcap headers installed in your system, which is what configure is finding. You need to find them, remove them, and install a current version. The version you've got pieces of is about 5 years out of date.

> p.s. My OS is redhat 9.0 which I'm not at all familiar with (I am installing on testbed nodes, not my personal computer).

If you're using RH, you ought to be using RH packages for libpcap, not compiling it from scratch - you've almost certainly got parts of packages in some places and parts of what you installed in other places, which is going to cause problems. Either completely disregard your system includes and mess with configure params to get it pointed to your custom files, or update your system level stuff.


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