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Posted by:ianrose
Subject:libpcap version not supported?
Date:14:41:13 18/04/2007

Hi all,

First time user here, trying to get an install to work (sound familiar?). I have scoured the Internet (and Kismet forums) for answers to this to no avail, so hopefully I am not repeating someone's previous question.

I have installed the latest libpcap (0.9.5) and ./configure, make, make install all went fine as far as I can tell. However when I download and ./configure kismet, it tells me:

checking for pcap.h... yes
checking for pcap_setnonblock in -lpcap... yes
checking for pcap_get_selectable_fd in -lpcap... no
configure: error: installed libpcap version does not support features Kismet requires. Upgrade to a current version of libpcap

I am concerned that Kismet may simply not be finding the libcap library. I have tried installing in zillion different directories, setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, adding paths to /etc/, etc. Nothing helps. So question #1 is simply "how can I figure out where ./configure is looking for libpcap and whether its finding it or not?"

Question #2, more generally, is "Am I approaching this the wrong way; should I be doing something different to get things to install?"

Many, many thanks for any advice!

- Ian Rose

p.s. My OS is redhat 9.0 which I'm not at all familiar with (I am installing on testbed nodes, not my personal computer).

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