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Posted by:ura
Subject:Advice sought!
Date:19:40:14 12/04/2007

This is not a question about wardriving but I hope that someone is kind enough to answer it anyways...

I have a T42p Type 2373 IBM laptop with in-built Centrino that allows me to pick up WiFi signals. However, I would like to be able to pick up the signal from my workplace which I live close to - about 1-1.5 miles.

I don't want to set up any devices on my rooftop, hang them out of windows, etc. I would like to simply set it up on my desk.

I'd be grateful for advise from the forum on which of the antennas around is best for my needs?

Also, will I be able to connect the antenna directly to my computer for it to interact with my Centrino or will I need to buy a PCMCIA card as well?

Thanks very much for the reply!

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