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Posted by:ritter6281
Subject:indoor survey
Date:15:01:07 11/04/2007

I just did three site surveys with Kismet and found that the one feature kismet still could use is the ability to do accurate site surveys where GPS is not available.

Helium Networks does their surveys with a special laptop cart that measures distances. AirMagnet and AirDefense both use click-the-map type functionality and support importing jpegs, pngs, and autocad documents.

I am very seriously considering writing something that could work with kismet, but I am still a bit to new to kismet to know if it provides data hooks / API for such and application to be created as an addon to kismet. It seemed to me that I could write something that would get wireless info from kismet during a click on a map, for example. But I don't know if Kismet support such event driven functionality.

Using the log files from Kismet for indoor floorplan-oriented surveys is not possible from what I can tell.


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