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Posted by:petrosilius
Subject:pcapfile replays work sporadically
Date:08:58:41 09/04/2007

> > > I can get some .dump files to replay through Kismet, but others won't,
> > > instead returning:
> > > "FATAL: Pcap file reached end of capture.
> > > Terminating"
> > > and the KismetUI is never launched.
> >
> > They work fine.
> >
> > When you run a pcapfile it runs it as fast as it can. It's finishing the
> > file before you get to running the UI.
> >
> > -m
> That makes sense - it's the larger files that run okay. Is there any way
> to slow the playback down or pad the file with extra packets to make it take
> longer?

I had exactly the same experience replaying kismet sessions as you had.
Solving the problem was quite easy in the end: Just pad the kismet dump file zeroes and it everything works like a charm:

# writes 10M binary zeroes into file padder
dd if=/dev/zero of=padder bs=1048576 count=10
cat your dumpfile padder > kismetdump
# use the padded dumpfile instead of your original one
kismet -c pcapfile,./kismetdump,PCAPFILE -X -n
# if it bothers you delete the temporary files again
# rm -f padder kismetdump

I switched off logging (-n) and channel hopping (-X) to avoid logfile


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