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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet on Nokia 770: no signal strength?
Date:13:47:59 30/03/2007

> Hi,
> I'm using kismet on Nokia 770 to draw an interpolated power map of a wlan area. Unfortunately I can't get any signal strength values recorded. Everything else seems to working, I can create range or track maps from GPS and network data, but the signal values are just 'signal="0"' on the .gps file? Should this be working and how? Didn't find anything from man pages or kismet.conf.. I'm running OS 2006 on Nokia.

If the driver doesn't report it, you don't get it.

There are some patches coming out for the OSS driver component which add the signal headers, however there isn't a terriffic way to wedge that into your system.

Once I figure out how to best handle it, expect official kismet packages, but you'll still have to play games shoehorning drivers in.


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