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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet crashed, wlan card unusable?
Date:20:32:47 26/03/2007

> Hi, i've got a problem while using kismet on Nokia n800 (i'm using it since one week with no problems) but today it crashed so i rebooted my linux box.
> The problem is that now if i launch kismet everything works fine, it can scan for existing networks with no problems but if i quit Kismet it complains he is not able to restore wlan card to its previous state and wlan card is unusable to connect to Accesspoints...
> So... what should i do to restore wlan card as a "normal" wifi card?

Remove/re-insert card


reboot system


remove drivers and reload them


re-run your distro boot-time card setup scripts, if they properly initialize everything.


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