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Posted by:rainman
Subject:Problems starting Kismet
Date:16:01:52 22/03/2007

> > Hi there.
> >
> > I've read all the documentation, faq and the forum, and it got me this far (not far at all actually):
> >
> > 1)I get this error:
> > Creating and opening named pipe '/tmp/kismet_dump'. Kismet will now block
> > until another utility opens this pipe.
> You configured it to use a pipe. As it just said, it will block until something opens that pipe. Nothing will run until an app opens the named pipe.
> Don't turn on named pipe output if you don't want to use it.
> -m

I didn't configure it to do such a thing. It does it by itself. Where is the line that I have to modify?
And is this the reason for the error message : FATAL: Could not connect to localhost:2501. ? Because this is the fatal error that I thought that doesn't allow me to advance further in discovering kismet. (it dies after this message).

P.S. And if I may ask.....what about the other 2 paragraphes (issues) in my original message? Was this the wrong place to raise them? (in this case, where should I put them, cause the do have a lot in common with kismet).


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