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Posted by:ntropia
Subject:ZD1211: FATAL: Failed to set channel 6 22:Invalid argument
Date:22:57:39 18/03/2007

Dutch wrote:
> > Wrong driver. Debian Etch drivers are the ZD1211 drivers included in kernel 2.6.18 and upwards, aka the ZD1211-RW (ReWrite) drivers. This driver isn't controlled the same way, wrt shifting into monitor mode and channelcontrol, as the original driver.

I double-checked the doc stuff, and what I found is that zd1211 is a buggy, yes, but... no mention about the correct driver. If I try with zd1211rw, I get that:

FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'zd1211rw' in source 'zd1211rw,eth1,zdnet'

Moreover if I understod what Dragorn says...

Dragorn wrote:
> More to the point they pretty much don't work, at least as of 2.6.19. They go into monitor mode but simply won't change channel, unless you know of another method to control them that I don't.
> means that the cheapy-chip is supported but just as "nominal" interface. If I can't change channel, it means that... it's pretty useless, isn't? :(

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