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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:ZD1211: FATAL: Failed to set channel 6 22:Invalid argument
Date:15:53:13 18/03/2007

> I was happy to see that after some time my "cheapy chipset" ZD1211 is finally supported in Kismet. After installing it from the official Debian Etch repositories, I just run "kismet", after configuring it using hints from all over the net, but I got the following error:

Wrong driver. Debian Etch drivers are the ZD1211 drivers included in kernel 2.6.18 and upwards, aka the ZD1211-RW (ReWrite) drivers. This driver isn't controlled the same way, wrt shifting into monitor mode and channelcontrol, as the original driver.

See section 12 of the Kismet documentation for a link to the right ZD1211 driver.


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