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Posted by:razzmataz
Subject:Openbsd 4.0, macppc platform, rum driver
Date:05:10:31 17/03/2007

Hello again, I've gone and run tcpdump simultaneously while running kismet
tcpdump -y IEEE802_11_RADIO -vi rum0
And I do get packet via tcpdump! So the driver is going into monitor mode.

Kismet didn't seem to see anything still. OpenBSD 4.0 has an older version of kismet in it's packages, 200508R1, and I downloaded the most recent stable release, built that, and that clears my problems up. Thanks for the initial advice.

> Kismet ought to throw it in rfmon regardless of the state you set it to in ifconfig.
> Try tcpdump - put the driver in rfmon, and fire up tcpdump and see what you get. If you don't get anything, it's a driver problem. If you get packets and kismet doesn't, save a snap of them via tcpdump -s 0 to get the full frame, gzip them up, and email me or post a URL. They might be formatted in a way Kismet wasn't able to handle.
> -m

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