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Posted by:U2Desire
Subject:kismet_drone.conf -- allowhost=
Date:04:27:24 17/03/2007

Can this be set to something like allowhost=$myhost/24? or is there a way to set allowhost to accept anything in the range of

I ran set on my wrt54g and noticed there is no set variable for myhost so I am assuming that $myhost won't work unless I set that variable anyway. Basically want I want is allowhost= to get the lan host network on it's own so that if I change the wrt54g to use a different host I won't need to edit kismet_drone.conf everytime I change this. Why? I want to make my own dd-wrt firmware build that will include kismet_drone and a script so that everything will survive a reboot or reset. Doing this will also allow me to simply ssh into the box and run regardless of what the host is set to. This make any sense?


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