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Posted by:pleriche
Subject:Kismetaclient: new client in Perl
Date:21:44:12 16/03/2007

I'd been wanting to dump status messages to disk (you only get 4 scrolling lines with the built-in client) and to see what strings Kismet would capture, so I wrote a naff client in Perl. See Kismetaclient.

(Dragorn, perhaps you'd like to add it to your links page.)

Basically, it just connects to the kismet server (or a drone) and dumps whatever it gets (with a few options) to stdout. It's simple enough that anyone could extend it to do custom filtering or whatever, with minimal Perl skills.

It also allows you to channel-lock and channel-hop from the command line. (I sometimes find it quite difficult to catch the right channel with L using the built-in client.)

I did a brain-dump of my understanding of the protocol, which is referenced from the above url. A couple of points I still haven't managed to grasp are noted at the bottom - maybe someone can enlighten me.

Regards - Philip

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