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Posted by:razzmataz
Subject:Openbsd 4.0, macppc platform, rum driver
Date:14:34:30 16/03/2007

Hi - I was wondering if anyone had any pointers in getting kismet up and running on openbsd on the ppc platform. I've got a spare ibook G3 sitting around, plus a couple USB wireless adapters that use the 'rum' driver for openbsd (would be the ralink 2573 chipset).

Unfortunately when I run kismet, no wireless networks show up, when there should be at least 3-4 in my neighborhood. I've run kismet on a linux desktop using these same adapters with no major issues, and am able to pick up a number of networks that way. Under Openbsd, kismet (or the driver) seems to be stuck at a certain wireless channel, and not channel hopping. The kismet.conf file looks like it's set right, with the source as 'source=radiotap_bsd_b,rum0,radiotap_bsd_b', and not much else changed. tcpdump running with options I've seen mentioned in other posts also doesn't seem to pick up any packets.

I haven't played around too much yet with any extra options to ifconfig other than explicitly setting monitor mode. The only other thing I can think of would be using the '-chan' option... I kinda figure I'm not setting something right with ifconfig, or possibly my setting up the adapter via ifconfig is causing the problem.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be open to trying them out.

Thanks in advance!

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