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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSpy as user
Date:23:28:01 15/03/2007

> I'm running Slamd-64 11.0 (64 bit port of Slackware) on kernel 2.6.20.
> I've got WiSpy tools to compile and run OK, but only as root! OK, I read the warnings, so I was expecting this, but the documentation implies that it should be possible to run wispy_gtk as a user. However, it was a bit vague about how this might be achieved!

Run it via sudo or something, no reason to run X as root.

> I need to have it running as a user as I need to have other applications open at the same time. I need to run WiSpy to monitor the band, but use an OpenOffice spreadsheet for scoring simultaneously!
> What permissions exactly need to be set to permit this? Running it as suid doesn't work at all.

You need to hack udev up to make the device owned by your user when it's inserted. Udev is often annoying. At some point I'll track it down and put it in the docs.

> (Also, any chance of a native KDE version? Please?)

Probably not, unless someone writes a QT version and sends me code to include.


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