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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSpy - new version of hardware?
Date:16:52:42 13/03/2007

> Thanks for the quick reply.
> >> Wi-Spy has new hardware for 2007 based on a different chip.
> >> Is this new version supported by the Linux tools?
> > When the hardware is available it will be supported, yes.
> Good, but just to be clear, if I were to buy one today (and I have the impression that it is already available) it won't work with today's software. Right?

I'm pretty sure you can't buy one today. :) There may be a wispy1 with antenna jack (but I'm not sure off the top of my head) which will work fine. The second-gen wispy hardware is not yet available.

The wispy-tools software is undergoing a rewrite which will make it modular and have drop-in device code, so once thats done when the new one releases it will be a matter of about 100 lines of device mgmt code to interface it in.

So, right this moment, if you somehow got the second-gen device, no, it wouldn't work with wispy-tools, however that support is right around the corner and I hope to have it ready concurrently with the availability of the hardware.

> OK, so presumably the per-channel signal strength numbers that you can get from a regular wifi card are only indicating the "useful" signal strength, not the "total" signal strength including interference. Or something like that.

Something like that. Signal levels in rfmon are sort of hand-wavey nonsense numbers a lot of the time, and reporting of them is linked to decoding a packet, so you won't see noise on a non-80211-traffic channel since theres no packet to decode to get the noise levels of.


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