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Posted by:endecotp
Subject:WiSpy - new version of hardware?
Date:16:37:11 13/03/2007

Thanks for the quick reply.

>> Wi-Spy has new hardware for 2007 based on a different chip.
>> Is this new version supported by the Linux tools?

> When the hardware is available it will be supported, yes.

Good, but just to be clear, if I were to buy one today (and I have the impression that it is already available) it won't work with today's software. Right?

>> Would anyone like to comment on the relative usefulness of the Wi-Spy
>> compared to a regular wifi card and kismet for identifying interference?

> Wispy is specan, Kismet is 802.11. Kismet will never be able to see a
> microwave or a cordless phone which is generating interference on your
> spectrum and knocking out your network

OK, so presumably the per-channel signal strength numbers that you can get from a regular wifi card are only indicating the "useful" signal strength, not the "total" signal strength including interference. Or something like that.



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