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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSpy - new version of hardware?
Date:16:16:32 13/03/2007

> Hi,
> According to this page:
> Wi-Spy has new hardware for 2007 based on a different chip. Is this new version supported by the Linux tools?

When the hardware is available it will be supported, yes. The folks at metageek have been very supportive of the open source tools, so there shouldn't be any problems.

> Would anyone like to comment on the relative usefulness of the Wi-Spy compared to a regular wifi card and kismet for identifying interference? It looks like you get a more fine-grained spectrum analysis from Wi-Spy, but does that matter much?

Wispy is specan, Kismet is 802.11. Kismet will never be able to see a microwave or a cordless phone which is generating interference on your spectrum and knocking out your network, because it's not 802.11 packets that your card can decode.

Wispy will see signal levels, but it won't see packets - so you can know where hotspots of activity are, but it's hard to be sure what exactly they're caused by.

The two tools are more complementary than competing.


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