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Posted by:endecotp
Subject:WiSpy - new version of hardware?
Date:15:59:08 13/03/2007


According to this page:

Wi-Spy has new hardware for 2007 based on a different chip. Is this new version supported by the Linux tools?

(I have been suffering annoying unreliability on my network for a couple of days. Google found Wi-Spy and I was delighted to see that it has Linux support. If it really cost $99 as mentioned in some reviews I would just buy one straight away, but the real price seems to be twice that, and in the UK it's £125. That's not exactly an impulse purchase. Does anyone hire them???)

Would anyone like to comment on the relative usefulness of the Wi-Spy compared to a regular wifi card and kismet for identifying interference? It looks like you get a more fine-grained spectrum analysis from Wi-Spy, but does that matter much?

Many thanks for any suggestions.


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