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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet Configuration - 2 Questions: Set Filters? - Show more Info about APs (in main Window)?
Date:23:03:59 02/03/2007

> Hi.
> I just can't find a way, how to set filters in Kismet.
> For example to just show/scan-for APs with specific Name or Channel or Macs (Example: show just APs with a MAC: 00:12:xx.xx.xx.xx).

You might try to read section 9 in the included documentation.

> And is there a way, to put more (or other) informations in the main-window
> (more/other than the: Name, T, W, Ch, Packets, Flags, IP-Range, Size,)?

See the options in the kismet_gui.conf file.

> someone I can't find an answer on the inet :[

Then your search-fu truely is weak... Top of this page : Documentation link.


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