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Posted by:wingcom
Subject:Kismet not capturing all traffic on Senao PrismII (and i'm not hopping)
Date:20:44:32 01/03/2007

oh crap :s I feel so stupid now. As I saw those B and G arguments I was thinking: shit, how could I not have seen that. I had been searching so much on drivers, sniffers etc that I never thought of that :s I compared the output (ran airdecap on it) of both sniffers nonetheless and as I expected after reading your post the unencrypted version was exactly the same for both sniffers.

Sorry to have bothered you with this and many thanx...

Lucky for me, I also have rt2570 based usb stick which has worked very good in the past. Now that I know that it can't be done with the prismII card I can let it rest - I hate it when things that are on my computer that I like don't work ^^

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