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Posted by:dward
Subject:intel macbook + kismet + drone help....can you compile kismet on a mactel?
Date:05:55:26 28/02/2007


Configure and make dep complete on MacBook, but

Make fails with the following "make: *** [pcapsource.o] Error 1",

Which is proceeded by numerous pcap errors such as

" In member function 'int PcapSource::Radiotap2KisPack(kis_packet*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*)': error: use of enum 'ieee80211_radiotap_type' without previous declaration"

Trying "make --disable pcap" generates
"unrecognized option `--disable-pcap' Usage: make [options] [target] ..."

I've compiled a gazillion times on Ubuntu. For OS X, I vastly prefer native kismet to alternatives.

Are there glaring mistakes in the above command or alternate suggestions? Fink is successfully installed and running other apps ok so far. Thanks a lot

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