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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Retreiving All Access Point Observations Without a GPS Fix
Date:21:34:23 27/02/2007

> When using the .gps output format, each individual access point observation is printed as long as you have a GPS fix. When you do not have a fix, nothing is printed. As far as I can tell, the .gps format is the most 'raw' output format for AP signal observations in kismet.
> Is it possible to get this access point format, observation-by-observation, in the absense of a GPS fix? I basically still want the stream of observations, regardless of whether or not you have a fix. I could hijack the gpsd process and pretend like their is a fix, but I am hoping there is an easier way.
> Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Chris

Tap the client protocol over TCP.

There isn't any file stream of this data (gps isn't really a file stream either, but it does fflush regularly).

You can do basic client tapping with something as simple as netcat piped to a shell command, or you could write something more complex with perl/python/c


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