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Posted by:huluvui
Subject:orinoco 013e standalone with 2.6.20
Date:09:26:35 23/02/2007


i've tried to install the orinoco standalone drivers 'orinoco-0.13-dragorn-2.6.17'.

I've made a deb package with my personalized kernel, i'm using the current kernel After that i was triing to 'make install' the orinoco drivers ... but it quits with error: hermes.h(46,xx) not found or sth like this.
But it is there? mh

my kernel sources are available in /usr/src/linux and also in my home-dir.

Is it possible that the orinoco-drivers only work with 2.6.17? ...

Or what is my error?

Hope you can help me; my pc is very slow .. thats the reason why i don't tried the 2.6.17 kernel after that fail :/

best regards

btw, i've registered a second nick huluvu, you can delete it from your database, I've used a wrong e-mail.

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