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Posted by:xerc
Subject:Kismet and Netgear WG511T (Atheros chipset)
Date:19:46:52 08/02/2007

This card has a AR5212 chipset and *should_be* supported.
I have similar problem with the same card on linux-2.6.15 and madwifi-svn and also madwifi- dirver.
I can't start Kismet at all, an error comming:
FATAL: arptype 803 not supported by libpcap - falling back to cooked socket

Anyone got a clue?

> I have a Netgear WG511T PCMCIA card with Atheros chipset, and a Apple PowerBook G4 laptop with Yellow Dog 4.0 Linux and kernel 2.6.8. I have compiled MadWifi drivers and the card works fine.
> I currently use kismet 2006-04-R1, and all parameters on kismet.conf are correct, but when I run kismet I do not capture traffic at all.
> I have noticed that "kis" interface (the one created by kismet) says that "Signal level: -95 dBm", "Noise level: -95 dBm" and "Link quality: 0/94". On the other hand, in normal use of the card I can get these levels: "Signal level: -30 dBm", "Noise level: -95 dBm" and "Link quality: 65/94".
> Of course, I destroy all non-monitor mode VAPs prior to run kismet.

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