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Posted by:jfisch
Subject:Does gps data get logged to .csv and .gps if no gps-fix occurs?
Date:01:52:13 07/02/2007

I checked the source code, it appears in it has "if (in_packinfo->gps_fix < 2) return 0" so it appears that is does not record information in the .gps file. It was a little harder for the csvfile, it looks
like this is also the case in in ProcessPacket and a few other places with "if (info->gps_fix >= 2) then it updates gps min lat etc.. .

If I could get confirmation to be sure that'd be great.

> When I was collecting my data, the garmin would have periods of "no fix" it would
> show up properly in kismet "NONE", but for some reason when I examine the .gps file those entries don't exist. In other words it only appears to have logged where fix="2" or fix="3". Does this mean that data in the .csv file is the same way, that is only AP information is recorded when there was a gps fix?
> Judy

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