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Posted by:jfisch
Subject:Understanding the CSV and GPS file formats
Date:00:52:55 07/02/2007

Ok I found more information in the README but not everything is there. I looked at the warglue tools, the warscrub is out of date.

> Hello. I'm trying to write tools to take the data I've collected to do some
> analysis and I'm attempting to understand the format of the .csv and the
> .gps files generated by Kismet. I've searched on the forum and found some explanations but not everything I wanted to find out.
> In the .csv file there are:
> Network;NetType;ESSID;BSSID;Info;Channel;Cloaked;Encryption;Decrypted;
> MaxRate;MaxSeenRate;Beacon;LLC;Data;Crypt;Weak;Total;Carrier;Encoding;
> FirstTime;LastTime;BestQuality;BestSignal;BestNoise;GPSMinLat;GPSMinLon;
> GPSMinAlt;GPSMinSpd;GPSMaxLat;GPSMaxLon;GPSMaxAlt;GPSMaxSpd;
> GPSBestLat;GPSBestLon;GPSBestAlt;DataSize;IPType;
> Definitions and possible values for .csv
> Network: Network Number 1...n
> NetType: Infrastructure or Probe
> ESSID: Extended Service Set ID, identifying name of wireless network
> BSSID: Beacon Basic Service Set ID, identifying name of ad-hoc wireless network
> Info: ???
> Channel: Channel number in which network was found
> Cloaked: Cloaked Network Indicator: yes or no, a cloaked network is an access point that does not transmit the SSID in each beacon frame
> Encryption: blank, WEP or WPA
> Decrypted: yes or no
> MaxRate: Max speed of network, 11 or 54 megabit per sec
> MaxSeenRate: Maximum of above that has been seen
> Beacon: ???
> LLC: ???
> Data: ???
> Crypt: ???
> Weak: ???
> Total: ???
> Carrier: Communications carrier
> Encoding: ???
> FirstTime: Initial time network detected, a time
> LastTime: Last time network detected, a time
> BestQuality: Best quality of service, a number
> BestSignal: Best signal strength, a number
> BestNoise: Best noise level, a number
> GPSMinLat: GPS minimum latitude, real number
> GPSMinLon: GPS minimum longitude, real number
> GPSMinAlt: GPS minimum altitude, real number
> GPSMinSpd: GPS minimum speed, real number
> GPSMaxLat: same as above but maximum
> GPSMaxLon: ||
> GPSMaxAlt: \/
> GPSMaxSpd: ---
> GPSBestLat: GPS latitude with best signal
> GPSBestLon: GPS longitude with best signal
> GPSBestAlt: GPS altitude with best signal
> DataSize: ???
> IPType: Internet protocol type ??? ARP or None
> IP: Internet Protocol Address #.#.#.#
> I would sure appreciate if anyone knows about fields above with ??? or links
> to information concerning above. Also clarification on minimum/maximum on
> GPS would be helpful.
> Definitions and possible values for .gps format:
> <gps-point bssid="GP:SD:TR:AC:KL:OG" time-sec="1170361065" time-usec="800123" lat="45.491749" lon="-122.801720" alt="142.889999" spd="0.000000" heading="297.854126" fix="3" signal="-82" quality="0" noise="0"/>
> bssid: same as for csv
> time-sec: time stamp in seconds, double number
> time-usec: time stamp in microseconds, double number
> lat: latitude reading from GPS, real number
> lon: longitude reading from GPS, real number
> spd: speed of GPS, real number
> heading: direction, real number
> fix: 2 or 3 (2D or 3D (differential WAAS)), number
> signal: signal strength, number
> quality: quality of service, number
> noise: noise level, number
> A few more questions, my garmin was recording speed but it didn't make it into the log file so perhaps I needed to configure something on it to transmit this information? Is there a way to sync the bssids from the .csv and .gps file by timestamp information?
> Thanks for any information/links to information anyone can give. I'm still learning :-)
> Regards,
> Judy
> P.S. I stumbled on the warglue tools but I have yet to experiment with them. If anyone knows of other useful tools that would be great.

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