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Posted by:pacato-vl
Subject:Kismet on OSX - doesn't work..
Date:17:07:12 04/02/2007

Seems that nobody uses kismet no mac osx, and it's hard to find some information about installing it. I have an ibook G3 with panther installed and airport. i`ve already set up viha drivers and probed the installation with the stumbler that comes with it. The problem comes when trying to set up subversion, i just can't change the profile file required to set the path, it`s readonly and won't change it's flags. After a while trying to make it work i gave up and downloaded all the files on kismet website one by one, put them together on the same folder and tried to compile, but got the message that command "make" doesn't exist.
Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance

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