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Posted by:rabinath
Subject:XML to SQL
Date:23:48:36 29/01/2007

I am advancing. Today I converted the DTDs describing the XML files kismet uses to W3C Schema files. I can use them with a pot of JAXB to generate class instances from XML files and vice versa.

I also reimplemented the whole Webbrowser-Backend stuff in Java using some Application Server and some friendly servlets. I have quite good progress in doing the whole Ajax stuff but it still feels kinda funny using Java for a Web-Application instead of Perl - have been using Perl for about 6 years now.

Also the database seems to be in reasonable fashion now. As soon as I got that JAXB interaction with my servlets working I think it's time to release the whole stuff and maybe get some real massive backend for wardrivers project running.

Anyone interested in joining a combined effort?

I'm sure using regular expressions is still much faster than the JAXB approach, but since this is all fancy classes and interfaces we can still do this later.

> Same problem had when coding klog2kml ( I recommend you to not process .gps files with XML libraries, .gps files are so big that they can't handle it.
> I solved the issue parsing .gps lines directly. Is quite easy, as .gps have the simpliest xml struct ever. My perl script parses .xml files very fast, I use XML::DOM.

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