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Posted by:mtg
Subject:I get only Beacon-Packets with Kismet and DWL-122 :(
Date:13:42:08 27/01/2007

> Did you notice that your card only supports up to 11Mbit? So everything faster will be ignored! As Beacons are sent with 1MBit you can easily receive them, but most of the networks are faster than 11MBit. So set your own AP to b-only mode to capture all packets!
> I would also prefer host-ap drivers instead of wlanng.

Thank you very much. This did it. I set my AP to b-only mode and I could get data-packets and also decrypt them with the wepkey=... in the kismet.conf file.
I guess that if I want to see 54MBit/s-Traffic I would have to get a better device?

Why should I switch to the host-ap drivers? In which point are they better than wlanng (with which I have no problems at the moment).

Thanks :)

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