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Posted by:nils
Subject:I get only Beacon-Packets with Kismet and DWL-122 :(
Date:10:17:32 27/01/2007

> Hi there,
> kismet does generally work and my D-Link DWL-122 USB WLAN Adapter (Prism2 -> wlanng-driver) does also as I can connect to the internet (I am in an WEP encrypted WLAN at the moment) and kismet shows me all the APs in the neighbourhood. The only problem is that I got around 10 packets/sec and nearly all of them are beacon-packets. I do not get ANY TCP or UDP packets.

Did you notice that your card only supports up to 11Mbit? So everything faster will be ignored! As Beacons are sent with 1MBit you can easily receive them, but most of the networks are faster than 11MBit. So set your own AP to b-only mode to capture all packets!
I would also prefer host-ap drivers instead of wlanng.

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