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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ipw3945 - not reporting signal and noise
Date:21:40:10 25/01/2007

> I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 with Kismet build 2007-01-R1b and an Intel Wireless 3945 card. It seems that everything but the signal and noise level reporting works. According to the supported cards section both of these should work fine. Anyone have similar issues?
> If this is not supported with my wlan card, does anyone have a suggestion of an alternate package that will report SSID with signal and noise levels? I am attempting to do a site survey.

The current in-kernel drivers for the 2200 series do not report snr properly.

It's entirely likely a similar problem befalls these.

Kismet reports what it gets in the packet, if nothing is there, nothing gets reported.

That said, SNR in rfmon is always suspect and often totally bunk.


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