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Posted by:rogerkis
Subject:Monitor Mode Question
Date:00:13:35 25/01/2007

> > Hi,
> > I'm trying to run kismet on a Debian laptop using the 2.6.18 and hostap 0.4.4 driver. The pcmcia wireless card is Senao 2511 CD EXT2 PLUS.
> > When I started kismet, usually it went fine during the first 3 minutes. Then it started showing the following in the syslog:
> >
> > Jan 24 11:03:45 t60 kernel: eth3: Disabling monitor mode
> > Jan 24 11:03:45 t60 kernel: prism2: eth3: operating mode changed 6 -> 2
> >
> > It seemed that the wireless card exited the monitor mode.
> >
> > I tried to upgrade to the newest kismet version but without success.
> > Could it be a driver issue or there is some kismet configuration I missed?
> Something else is changing your card. Either the driver freaked and dropped (not too likely) or something like hostapd or networkmanager changed the mode (pretty likely).
> Make sure to disable stuff like your desktop wifi manager when running Kismet -- they don't like to ignore cards in monitor mode and pull it back into managed mode w/out asking.
> -m

Thank you so much for pointing me towards the right direction. After I removed the NetworkManager, everything works like a charm!!

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