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Posted by:acidbits
Subject:XML to SQL
Date:09:39:01 23/01/2007

> On my Server the Java-version needs just a few seconds to parse the XML file while the Perl version needs a few minutes. A 3MB GPS file once took almost 2 hours to be parsed.

Same problem had when coding klog2kml ( I recommend you to not process .gps files with XML libraries, .gps files are so big that they can't handle it.

I solved the issue parsing .gps lines directly. Is quite easy, as .gps have the simpliest xml struct ever. My perl script parses .xml files very fast, I use XML::DOM.

I've run my perl script on 12 .gps/.xml files (total size >60 MBytes) with my old laptop (Pentium M 1.50 GHz, 512 MB, Ubuntu Edgy) and it takes 6 minutes to process them.


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