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Posted by:acidbits -> Another kismet logs to Google Earth converter
Date:08:35:13 23/01/2007


Last week went to a wardriving contest. Wanted to map APs with Google Earth, and tested some scripts that already exist. They didn't suit what I needed, so coded a new one. My requirements for the script were:

- Process different kismet log files at a time and remove duplicated BSSIDs.

- Pick best BSSID GPS position from different .gps logs, based in signal strength.

- Drop bad GPS positions. In real wardriving sometimes you have some bad GPS readings that are saved as it in the logs.

- Capable to process big .gps logs. Some scripts fail to process them because their XML library can't handle such amount of data. In my wardriving contest logs, I had 12 kismet logs (runs), one .gps file was 50 MBytes, from all my logs I got >2300 unique BSSID. The scripts I tried failed to process all this data.

- Remove strange characters from SSID that Google Earth can't handle (& < >).

- Map all GPS data for a given BSSID, giving some height to the points relative to signal strength. This way you can locate a certain BSSID quickly in a visual way through Google Earth.

You can get it here:


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