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Posted by:rabinath
Subject:XML to SQL
Date:16:17:15 22/01/2007

Thanks! I couldn't stop thinking of it so I started to learn that Java-XML stuff. At the moment it is already parsing the XML data and turning each and every information into instances of simple data classes (eg. Network, Client, Position). Now I'm trying to figure out how to talk to the SQL server. But I think until tomorrow this should be done, too.

On my Server the Java-version needs just a few seconds to parse the XML file while the Perl version needs a few minutes. A 3MB GPS file once took almost 2 hours to be parsed.

> That's an excellent idea, and I'm glad you're using the XML file :)
> I would think perl would be much faster than java (less memory overhead, etc) for this, actually.
> Thats all I had, I don't "do java" :P Keep up the good work though!
> -m

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