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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:XML to SQL
Date:16:09:19 22/01/2007

> I am building a backend for Kismet. I want to store all information into a MySQL database to keep the collected information organized and easily retrievable. So far it works quite well, even tough there are still some design errors in my database setup.
> Up to now I use a Perl-Script to parse the XML-files and store the information within my database. The server this script is running on seems to be terribly slow, so I try to move away from this Perl based solution. I already started to write a XML2SQL converter in Java to speed up the whole process, but I'm bloody new to XML handling within Java.
> Is there anybody with Java and XML experience? I'd really like to share this project, but it still needs some work until it can be released to the public.

That's an excellent idea, and I'm glad you're using the XML file :)

I would think perl would be much faster than java (less memory overhead, etc) for this, actually.

Thats all I had, I don't "do java" :P Keep up the good work though!


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