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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet_client only shows info messages
Date:02:46:58 21/01/2007

> I have madwifi-ng (svn r1983) and kismet-newcore (svn r1942) working on a IBM 600X ThinkPad, Orinoco/Proxim gold card, and linux-2.6.19. kismet_server creates the pcapdump files OK that can be examined with wireshark and the nettxt files that lists the networks. kismet_client, otoh, only shows the info messages. There's no updated display of networks and the menu commands have no effect. What can I do next to further diagnose the problem?

If you look at the docs, there is no complete client for newcore yet. There is nothing you can do to diagnose the problem because the display code simply doesn't exist at the moment, sorry.


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