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Posted by:dimothy10
Subject:Kismet fatal error
Date:20:07:57 19/01/2007

Dear all,

hi there i curretnly get teh following error from kismet upon starting it up:

FATAL: Failed to retrieve list of private ioctls 7:Argument list too long
[1] + Done(1) ${BIN}/kismet_server --silent ${server}
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...

had a bit of trouble getting my ath0 card in to monitor mode but some bright spark recommended splitting the designation to ath0 (managed) and ath1 (monitor) by using wlanconfig and that seems to have solved my problems with airodump for the time being. any help with kismet though would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance


p.s am using latest madwifi-ng drivers on a 64bit build of ubuntu. wifi card is a dwl-g520.

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