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Posted by:sarla999
Subject:what's wrong with my kismet-2007-01-R1b.tar.gz?
Date:17:00:52 19/01/2007

I run kismet-2007-01-R1b under the cygwin . When I start kismet the systme show me this error.

$ kismet -r
Server options: -r
Client options: none
Starting server...
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
Retaining monitor mode on exit
Suid priv-dropping disabled. This may not be secure.
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
NOTICE: Disabling channel hopping, no enabled sources are able to change channel.
Source 0 (drone): Opening kismet_drone source interface
FATAL: connect() failed 111 (Connection refused)

WARNING: drone ( unable to exit monitor mode automatically. You may
need to manually restart the device and reconfigure it for normal
operation.Kismet exiting.

What problem about it and how do i fix it ???
Need hlep !!!

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