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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and madwifi
Date:20:08:08 17/01/2007

> The atheros based card (netgear wg511t) works only for
> 1-5 minutes then kismet does not recieve packets any more,
> but channel hopping goes on. When I restart kismet after 1-5
> minutes the same problem occours.
> kismet.conf source source=madwifing_b,wifi0,madwifi
> I don't recieve any error messages on the console.
> Has anyone the same problem or does anyone know how
> to fix it?

I'm going to blame madwifi for this one.

There isn't much that will make kismet stop rx'ing packets other than the drivers no longer providing them.

I've seen random lockups/death scenarios on madwifi all the time.

Alternately, make sure you don't have any issues like networkmanager or dhcp running in the background trying to touch your interfaces and changing the mode out in the background.

Try slowing down the channel hop rate.


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