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Posted by:Holly
Subject:Kismet and madwifi
Date:20:02:45 17/01/2007


I'm using kismet with a orinico and a atheros based card.

Kismet version: latest from svn today
madwifi version: revision 1886 from 20070107

The orinico works fine with kismet, using it for years ;-)

The atheros based card (netgear wg511t) works only for
1-5 minutes then kismet does not recieve packets any more,
but channel hopping goes on. When I restart kismet after 1-5
minutes the same problem occours.

kismet.conf source source=madwifing_b,wifi0,madwifi

I don't recieve any error messages on the console.

Has anyone the same problem or does anyone know how
to fix it?

Best regards,

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