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Posted by:DanEfergan
Date:18:01:33 16/01/2007

> I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the Best Long/Lat data output within a Kismet CSV. IS this based on stongest signal position detected? or does it perform a calc to estimate a beacon's point based on multiple points of data?

Sorry to answer my own question, but I think I've sorted the above issue, research show's Best is most likely the strongest signal point. My below question is still outstanding though... does anyone have an idea why Best Long/Lat would not be calculated and added to a CSV?

> Also, and more importantly, why do some outputs contain the information and some not. I've had a look trough the docs but couldn't find anything. I'm guessing it's either a setting/pref or some nesseessary input that is either there or not... but can't work out what.

> Thanks,
> Dan

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