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Posted by:rayv5n
Subject:Using multiple GPS devices to pin-point APs???
Date:17:23:36 16/01/2007

Thanks again Dutch!

> > Does anyone know if there is a project that uses multiple GPS devices to pin-point wireless AP's?
> >
> > This is what I'm trying to do.
> >
> > 1.) Detect APs in my building vs external neighboring.
> > 2.) Detect position in the building down to a meter or so including altitude.
> You better read up on how GPS's work.
> The GPS will show where YOU are when detecting the AP's, not where the AP's are.
> The only way to locate the AP's with use of a GPS, is by taking multiple readings from different locations, and then do triangulation.
> And even in that case the triangulated location will be unprecise due to such things as multipath reflections, skewed amount of readings from different positions, etc, etc..
> Dutch

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