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Posted by:sarla999
Subject:New user needs advice.
Date:13:52:50 16/01/2007

> > Hi everyone
> > i am an ubuntu edgy user, i am looking for a perfect signal monitor, and kismet is perfect for me, even more than perfect.
> > however i must know if it will work with my card, that is an integrated intel IPW2100
> > Can i just install and it will work, or i will end into the "rfmon" hell?
> > Thanks alot!
> Look at the top of this page... See the word "Documentation" ? Thats a so called "Hypertext Link" to another page.
> If you click on that word (move the mousepointer over the word, then click the left mouse button. NB! If you use a Mac computer, it's the only button on the mouse), you will be taken to another page on this site.
> Read all the contents on that page, and pay particular note to the information given in section 12. That information will answer your question.
> Oh, AND pay particular note to the last Q & A in the FAQ section.
> Dutch

Kismet homepage say it support any card? and my card is intel IPW 2100 too. I can't make it with my cygwin on windows xp:(

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