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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Using multiple GPS devices to pin-point APs???
Date:22:36:57 15/01/2007

> Does anyone know if there is a project that uses multiple GPS devices to pin-point wireless AP's?
> This is what I'm trying to do.
> 1.) Detect APs in my building vs external neighboring.
> 2.) Detect position in the building down to a meter or so including altitude.

You better read up on how GPS's work.
The GPS will show where YOU are when detecting the AP's, not where the AP's are.

The only way to locate the AP's with use of a GPS, is by taking multiple readings from different locations, and then do triangulation.
And even in that case the triangulated location will be unprecise due to such things as multipath reflections, skewed amount of readings from different positions, etc, etc..


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