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Posted by:rayv5n
Subject:KISMET/GPSD/GooleEarth incorrect/inconsistent waypoint mapping help!
Date:20:43:25 15/01/2007

Ok I checked and the LT-20 is supposed to tbe using the WGS84 geodetic datum. I also checked Google Earth which is also using WGS84. My new understanding is that the GPS device is set for a specific datum. Once you have data to map you must have a mapping program that understands that datum your GPS users, or you must convert the output datum to the one used by the mapping program.

Given the above I think we can eliminate GPSD as being the problem, if the data source and the data mapping software are using the same datum then what else could go wrong?

> > Hi Dutch and thanks!
> >
> > GPSD,O=GSA 1168452209.000 0.005 41.419442 -121.971248 9.84 19.20 14.70 0.0000 0.051 0.000 ? ? ? 3
> >
> > That last 3 shows that I'm in 3D mode and I forgot to mention that I have collected my data both from inside the building and the parking lot. Same results either way. My location is in a valley and we happen to be on a flat plane so I don't think its refraction. I've done some googling and read through the gpsd readme but I'm not finding 'datum|data' set and am still unclear.
> The datum has nothing to do with GPSD. GPSD reports what the GPS tells GPSD, nothing more.
> It's the map projection datum set on the GPS. Plug the following words into Mr. Google, and read what he returns : "LT-20 Datum WGS84".
> Dutch

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